Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thanks for the Link

Thanks to the folks over at The Whited Sepulchre for noticing my travails over the weekend and giving me possibly the weirdest summary title ever: Briskets, Semicolons, Trial and Error.

If you haven't checked this page out, you should. They're right leaning libertartians who manage to really crank out well-written, well-thought posts that I occasionally agree with, in part, sometimes. Oh, and they have a cool banner as well.

He fancies Dennis Kucinich a short-busser, when, in fact, he's just a good ol' fashioned bomb thrower. Every presidential election needs their Ron Pauls and Al Sharptions and Dennis Kuciniches who are willing to speak unvarnished truth to the masses. They never have the cash or the party-backing, but they can get folks' thinking.

I'll defer to the owners, but I'm thinking of a Whited Sepulchre as a line in Heart of Darkness. We'll let them elaborate....

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The Whited Sepulchre said...

Knowing your political views, I guess the best I could hope for was OCCASIONALLY agree with, IN PART, SOMETIMES.
The banner is from an email that made the rounds a couple of years ago called the "Not My Job" award.
Regarding the Left-Leaning Libertarian vs. Right-Leaning Libertarian my definitions, I'm the most liberal person that I know. Meaning classical liberalism in the John Stuart Mill original sense of the phrase. Liberal once meant: leave everyone alone. It now means: get involved in everybody's bidness.

The Whited Sepulchre is from a little-known Jesus rant. Back in the day, they painted tombs with a day-glo white warning color because anyone who accidentally touched a tomb was ceremonially unclean and had to go through a tiresome purification ritual. Jesus called those who disagreed with him "Whited Sepulchres" - white and nice and shiny on the outside, full of death and decay on the inside. In other words, hypocrites.
I'm a Whited Sepulchre. So is our government. So is everyone else in the world, to some degree. But wouldn't it be pleasant if everyone's outside matched their inside?
You get bonus points for knowing the Conrad reference. But he was quoting the Jesus rant also.

The Brisket thing was pretty funny. I might liveblog a pork roast one day.