Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dating Demographics?

Are you a single male looking for love in DFW? Your screwed, pal. Check out this graph.

Looks like you should close up shop and move to Memphis or Atlanta.


Karrie said...

but does it say how OLD the single women are??

Steve said...

Er, yeah. At the bottom of the graph it says ages 20 to, uh, 64.

Agree I'd like to see the graph for 20 to, say, 44.

Given the 20-64 age bracket, what else would you infer?

Karrie said...

I saw the ages after my post.

Maybe post % of total population or per capita. That may mix it up a bit. I think Anchorage would rocket to the top of the list.

also, colleges/universities may skew it all a bit. More women than men going to school. My gut tells me those institutions are more concentrated out

still, even with all that, it does make a person wonder...