Thursday, March 20, 2008


As I lifelong resident of Fort Worth, I was unfamiliar with the history of Pendery's. I just knew it was one of the best smelling stores I've ever entered and our ouside freezer is full of the familiar bags of spices and blends.

Pendery's is a spice merchant extraordinaire, specializing in chile blends. They have an excellent catalog, but that is no substitute for the retail store, which has been in FW for 140 years give-or-take in various locations. Check out this article to learn about their history. Or hit their website here.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I have lived in FTW over 20 years and just discovered Penderys.

I googled it and found your post and great info.

Thank you for your post,

and thanks to Pendery's I will never buy spices at Tom Thumb again!

Anonymous said...

I found Pendery's by accident, but quite agree about never buying spices at Tom Thumb again.

Well maybe not really, as it is a far drive from Benbrook.

Tried the garlic and onion powder and was hooked. One should also take a look at the wonderful selection of pepper they carry.

Anyone know if they are open 7 days a week?